An exceptional standard of auditions for our next show, OKLAHOMA, made the Auditioning Panels' job extremely difficult on Sunday.We felt overwhelmed by all the considerable hard work that everyone had put into preparing for their audition. We are sorry that we were not able to cast everyone in the roles that they auditioned for, as always it comes down to matching performing couples. Many many thanks to everyone andcongratulations to all !

We are, therefore, very proud to announce the cast for Oklahoma as follows :

Aunt Eller - Liz Bird

Curly - Paul Mitchell

Laurey - Sophie Hill

Ike Skidmore - Craig McDowall

Will Parker -To be confirmed

Jud Fry - Matt Bridgewater

Ado Annie – Jessica Horabin

Gertie Cummings – Yasmin Springthorpe

Ali Hakim - Hugh Duck

Andrew Carnes – Allan Recardo

Cord Elam – Chris Stroud

Ellen (Girl 1) – Grace Lippett

Kate (Girl 2 – Beth Garden

Virginia (Girl 3) – Kelly-louise Mitchell

Vivian (Girl 4) – Vicky Khawaja

Slim – John Reeves

Mike – Kieron Hoult


Burlesque Dancers – Emily Long

                               - Debbie Mitchell

                               - Lisa Smith

                               - Cassie Rivett

                               - Karen Whitehouse


Dancers - Holly Hitchman

              - Grace Lippett

              - Beth Garden

              - Kelly-louise Mitchell


Current Production

is coming to Redditch Palace Theatre in April 2018
Whether you wish to audition for a lead role or are content with being a Cowboy or Cowgirl - new members are always welcome!
To find out more, come along to our first rehearsal on:
20th September 2017,7:30pm at the Woodrow Centre Meeting Rooms, Redditch B987RY